Author bio written January 2021 for a creative writing class:

I was born on Earth and eagerly await the arrival of the mothership. I will even settle for hitchhiking off the planet, anything to escape the dystopic hellscape of Covid-19, QAnon and the current political circus. After all, a circus should have more than donkeys, elephants, and clowns…at the very least they should be mutant elephants and donkeys and clowns. I collect weird and interesting people and turn them into friends, wrangle cats, and often wonder how the human race has managed to survive in spite of itself. I am a vegetarian who spends my spare time in a boss battle with my allergies, removing pet fur from my clothing, and attaching googly eyes to random objects.


My actual author bio:

Georga Hackworth is currently attending university in Virginia to get her BA in English and plans continuing to graduate school for her MA, also in English. When not attending class and writing an endless stream of university papers she spends her spare time wrangling her cats. If you want to know more, check out the About Me page on my blog, Reading, (W)riting, Rebellion.